Investing in an Energy Efficient Hot Water Tank

Homeowners love the term: “energy efficient”, and rightly so. It tells an immediate story of savings on household fixed expenses, and allows people to feel like they are minimizing their impact on the planets limited resources.

Which is why DMC Plumbing & Heating Solutions would like to tell you about ‘Investing in an Energy Efficient Hot Water Tank’.

Spend Money to Save Money

Sometimes homeowners put off maintaining or replacing their hot water tank due to the upfront costs it requires. But we encourage our potential customers to look into things such as Fortis BC rebates, and also discuss with us the actual cost vs. annual savings of either maintaining or replacing their hot water tank.

Sometimes people already have an energy efficient tank installed, but because they have not maintained it, it is running inefficiently and costing them more than it should each month. We’re here to help solve problems like that, and get you back to saving money and energy as intended.

Totaling Up Your Actual Savings

Did you know that homeowners spend one-third of their household operating costs on hot water? It’s true. And with a tank over a decade old, this could actually equate to spending a lot more than just a third of your budget.

Simply put, operating a water tank that is 10-years old or older, means you are more than likely already operating at half the efficiency level, and it is worth looking into a new hot water tank.

With a variety of water heaters to choose from, we would be happy to help you find the one that’s right for your family size and needs, as well as inform you of any Fortis BC rebates you can take advantage of to recover some of those upfront costs.

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