The Importance of Boiler Maintenance

At DMC Solutions, we are proud to lead the way in Commercial & Residential Boiler Repairs and Replacement in Langley, Delta, White Rock and throughout the Metro Vancouver area. As a locally owned and run business, we understand ‘The Importance of Boiler Maintenance’, keeping your household running costs in check and ensuring your home is running in an efficient and safe manner manner.

Avoid Costly Repairs with Proper Boiler Maintenance

We cannot stress enough that the maintenance of any type of machinery is imperative to avoiding costly emergency repairs, untimely replacements before the lifespan of your machinery is due, as well as safety measures.

Just as you would regularly change the oil in your vehicle, so too should you maintain your household appliances, having them checked annually at the very least, ensuring you avoid costly repairs and emergencies.

So …What Are the Signs Your Boiler Requires Repairs?

Older Home …If you have an older home it is very likely you also have older appliances running throughout your home. This can be adding to your utility bills every month, and will guarantee the need for regular boiler repairs.

Lack of Efficiency …Regular maintenance also helps us to recognize if your boiler is not offering you the effectiveness or efficiency it should, in which case we will suggest a boiler replacement – helping you to save money and ensure your home stays efficient and safe.

Noises and Smells …If you have an older boiler and you hear it making noises that are increasing in volume month after month, or it isn’t heating properly, or it is emitting a strong scent – one of our skilled tradesmen should be called in immediately to look at this as it may be a gas leak concern.

Protecting your family’s health is paramount, and keeping your costs low and your home running in an optimal condition is all part in parcel with what we offer in a boiler maintenance house call.

So don’t wait. Call us today at (604) 908-9998 or use our online contact form to discover why DMC Plumbing & Heating is the preferred Commercial & Residential Boiler repair and replacement services company in Langley, Delta, White Rock & throughout the Greater Vancouver area!