Turn Your Home Into a Cost Effective Space

At DMC Plumbing & Heating Solutions, we are proud to offer both residential and light commercial projects, providing service repair and installations in areas such as:

  • Plumbing: Tubs, Taps, Showers, Toilets, Drain Cleaning, Water Service Replacement and more
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Fireplaces
  • Hot Water Tanks/Tankless Heaters
  • BBQ
  • Pool Heaters
  • Gas Fitting

We recognize the importance of saving on home maintenance costs and can do so with regular maintenance and/or upgrading certain appliances. Which is why we want to help you understand how you can ‘Turn Your Home Into a Cost Effective Space’!

Hot Water Tank Replacement

Often, investing in better appliances will reduce your overall maintenance costs year after year, and hot water tanks are a big one for cost savings. There are various rebates offered by Fortis BC that can help offset the costs, and we’re here to help you map your way through that!

Keep Your Boiler in Good Repair

A lack of appliance maintenance can lead to costly repairs, messy emergencies, and inevitable replacement costs. Although there is a cost to maintaining your household appliances, in the long run, it’s actually a cost effective way to help minimize costs. A faulty boiler can lead to gas leaks, among other concerns, so it should be checked annually for its condition.

Summer Furnace Maintenance

Although we have just entered spring, having your summer furnace maintenance scheduled will better ensure you follow through on the matter, and have it looked over during a season you won’t require it. A faulty furnace can be adding a lot to your monthly bills, so it is worth having checked.

Pool Repairs & Installation

With pool season coming up, having your pool heater assessed to ensure it is of maximum efficiency will play an important role in your maintenance costs – namely, reducing them.

Gas Fitting Repairs & Installation

Having your fireplace, stove or BBQ equipped with its own gas line can offer you both convenience and a cost effective way to run heat through your home, have a year-round allowable outdoor fire, cook your food indoors or entertain outdoors. Another excellent way to improve your lifestyle and cut costs.

If you are looking for ways to improve the cost effectiveness of your space, call us at 604-908-9998 or use our online contact form to discover why DMC Plumbing & Heating is the preferred repair & replacement services company in Langley, Delta, White Rock & throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Or click HERE for a free in-home evaluation, and allow us to uncover additional ways for you to improve you home’s energy efficiency for 2018!