Gear Up for BBQ Season with a Gas BBQ Installation!

The sun is shining, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and along with these spring pleasantries comes the delicious taste of BBQ season!

Whether you live in Langley, Delta, White Rock, or another outlying Metro Vancouver area, DMC Solutions is proud to provide licensed gas fitters to have homeowners up and running on their own personal gas line installation for the BBQ season ahead.

The Benefits of Installing a Gas Line for Your Outdoor Grill

Whether you are a grill master already, or desire to become one, having a dedicated gas line for your BBQ will ensure you have gas available to your whenever you so choose to grill up that perfect steak for the boys, or put together an entire meal for Sunday family dinner.

Convenience – no more hauling around a propane tank to and from the gas station, or worse – running out of propane amidst a backyard BBQ with friends and family, having a dedicated gas line for your BBQ ensures you have outdoor cooking convenience any day of the week.

Cost-Effective – having a gas line installed is also a cost-effective way to cook your meals. No more waiting on your oven to warm up and then running it for lengthy amounts of when an outdoor grill can help you cook up a feast in no time, all without heating up the house during those hot summer months.

Clean Cooking Environment – in addition to convenience and cost-effectiveness, cooking outdoors means you can maintain a clean cooking environment from the various smells that a lot of people don’t like lingering in their home, keeping their indoor space fresh and free of cooking odors and cleanups.

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